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Rule 10

Did I not say "10 rules"? Yes, well spotted. But the last chapter of the book is a bit special. Here, I present a way to find out how happy we are at present, and how happy we can become. The tool I developed is a self-scoring test, and I called it, very imaginatively, the 'Happiness Test'.


The Happiness Test


I explain in detail how to use the test in the book. Basically, I am asking you to write down all the things that exist in your life and rate them in accordance with how much they contribute to your happiness. You rate your answers in two ways, and the result is a two-dimensional chart. The chart is a good tool to explore your current state of happiness in some depth, and in some detail.


I use myself as a guinea-pig in the book, and you can see exactly how it works when you read 'Rule 10'.


You can download the test on this page.

Download the Happiness Test by clicking the button below


Please Note:


After opening the excel spreadsheet, some user messages may pop up.


If excel asks you to enable editing and/or enable macros, please do so. The test can not run otherwise. 

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