I am Mark Hebwood, and I have written a book about happiness.


I hope you will enjoy the book. I'll tell you a bit more about it - and about myself - on this site.



I have lived in London for the past 20 years and love it. It's vibrant, energetic, cosmopolitan - whatever you want to do, it's probably on offer somewhere. The buzz of the city makes me feel that I am at home.


When I am not in London, I love sports, especially things people now call 'action sports'. I find it fun racing down a mountain on skis, or bikes, and when I go wakeboarding I get to lie on a beach as well, which is always a bonus.


I read humanities and business studies at university and eventually ended up in the City of London as an equity analyst. That's still my dayjob, but when I am away from my desk I have discovered a new passion: writing.


Anything else? Ah yes - I am a happy.


Which brings me to the book.



About me

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